Types of Junk Removal Services We Offer

From a single item, decluttering or a complete clean-out, JDog Junk Removal will haul away almost anything. We even seep the areas we serviced before we leave.

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Junk Removal

A JDog team member is dispatched to your home arriving promptly in a camo decorated truck and trailer. From a single item to a complete cleanout, JDog will remove almost anything and we will sweep the areas we accessed before we leave!

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Junk Removal

JDog cleans out offices, stores, and other buildings on behalf of tenants and landlords to ready locations for new occupants.

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Estates &
Foreclosure Cleanouts

JDog works with attorneys and real estate agents to promptly clean out homes and businesses where legal estates and foreclosure actions may be involved.

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Fixture Removal

We will remove outdoor fixtures such as hot tubs, barns, sheds, gazebos, play sets, above ground pools, and more!

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Small Delivery &
Light Hauling

From a single item like a piano to a room full of furniture, JDog provides light hauling services to move your belongings to or from your destination of choice. JDog can transport your purchases from furniture stores, consignment shops, big box retailers or hardware supply centers. If it’s too big for your own vehicle, JDog can help!

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Donation Transport

JDog team members will pick up any single item or multiple items from inside your home or business and deliver them to a charity you designate. JDog can also provide you with a donation receipt for your tax records upon request.

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Labor Services

JDog provides qualified service teams to undertake most cleanup related tasks around your home or business.

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Responsible Metal Recycling

JDog can pick up all types of metal and arrange for transport to appropriate facilities that can process and recycle it. We dispose of it in an environmentally responsible way, for example, Freon and other hazardous waste that may be contained in the item.